Flaming Lips Utilize YouTube for Fan Interaction

I’m a huge fan of the Flaming Lips, so using this platform to plug their music doesn’t seem like such a bad idea when they are engaging in such cutting edge fan interaction as this.

You can submit a video to the Flaming Lips YouTube channel to see if you’re good enough to dance with the band during their New Year’s Eve show in LA. Dancing with the band is a time honored tradition, and normally involves some sort of animal suit. It’s strange, but that’s what community is all about.

This New Year’s Eve the Flaming Lips have decided they want to add a special guest to their line up…you.

This is your chance to be a part of the psychedelic cacophony that is the Lips. Your directive: To film yourself in short-form, auditioning to be a member of the Lips on-stage dance troupe; In-costume, showcasing your skills.

Submit your audition video for a chance to win a place on stage dancing with the Flaming Lips during their New Year’s Eve 2007 show in Los Angeles!

Sound good? Well, we think it sounds great.

The band has also put up all of their videos on their YouTube channel. Now that’s just awesome.

If you haven’t seen the Lips live, it’s up there with hearing Brian Littleton playing Rocket Man.

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