Major Overhauls

I’ve spent a good deal of time this week making some serious back end and infrastructure improvements on the site. You won’t notice most of the changes, but the site will load much quicker and some of the flexibile width image problems people were having in IE7 (which they deserve for using IE7) have been fixed.

What you may notice is a shifting around of some of the content on the sidebars. If you have any suggestions or ideas of things you’d like to see on the site to make it a better place, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments or send me an email (click on the little mail icon to your left). They can exist as WordPress plugins or be something that you just thought up… I’m pretty handy with PHP, MySQL, AJAX and HTML so I should be able to make them a reality.

Oh, and there’s a new PayPal tip jar link. I hope that’s not too awful. A few people have suggested me doing this so that they can give something back, and I appreciate their thoughts, so there you go. I’ll go the NPR route and say if you enjoy the content, please consider throwing a dollar or three in there.

Thanks for visiting and participating in the conversation!


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