Charity Tagging

5 thoughts on “Charity Tagging”

  1. Interesting. He sent me a trackback too. I wonder why he said he was only tagging one blogger via trackback but now we see that there are at least two.

    BTW, I agree with your view on memes.

  2. Hi Ben-

    Yep, that is interesting.

    I’m guessing we’re not the only two.


    If anything, it led me to your blog, which I’ve just subscribed to, so that was worth it!

  3. I was actually doing a Technorati search for “Soldiers Angels” when I came across the meme on Cao’s blog,which led me to James McGovern’s blog…..which led me here.
    I Googled McGovern after reading the comment about who he is,so am glad you asked that question and led me to learn several new things, including probably much more than I wanted to,or could ever understand, about enterprise architecture. 🙂

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