Tumri Marketing Widget

pic_collage_cs.gifLinda Buquet has posted about the new TUMRI CornerStore marketing widget.

And the best part??? Set it and forget it! Let Tumri take care of everything for you!

I’ll let you read her post for more information, but this is a neat little tool for affiliates to sink their teeth into. It’s only the fourth day of 2007 and widgets are beginning to claim their place as the most talked about new marketing platform this year.


One thought on “Tumri Marketing Widget”

  1. Thanks, Sam for picking up my story. I think Tumri will be especailly good for newer affiliates and bloggers. Old pros may still want to do it themselves so they can keep all the revenue. However when you think about being able to display all those merchants, dynamically and contextually with NO work, well it’s pretty attractive even for pros that want an easy solution or add-on income.

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