5 Good Things About CostPerNews

I don’t put a great deal of emphasis or attention on metrics such as page views or feed subscribers. There are much more effective measurements of attention and readership that I’ve developed and use.

However, during this time of blog introspection, some stats are encouraging:

1. Vlad points out in the comments that the site has grown from a Google Ranking of 0 at the end of October (when it was created) to a probable 6 in the next update. Thanks for sharing, Vlad. I wouldn’t have noticed and that made my day. Explaining my excitement to my wife was tricky, however. Keep up the great work on your blog, Vlad… it’s a daily destination for me.

2. Feedburner shows that for first time CostPerNews had 100 active users of the feed in a 24 hour period yesterday. That’s no where near TechCrunch, Robert Scoble or Steve Rubel… but this blog will never see those numbers due to the niche aspect. Having 100 active feed users (along with the other site readers not using the feed) put a smile on my face this morning. Online (especially affiliate) marketing is a small industry, so seeing triple digits in the feed count gave me a definite boost.


3. CostPerNews has had readers from every continent in the last month. Who ever is in Lebanon, TN seems to be a big fan, as well. Thank you Lebanon, TN! Beautiful city. Auckland, New Zealand and Reykjavik, Iceland are two places I’ve always wanted to see (my ancestors were Icelandic Vikings). Thanks for visiting. Can I come visit you?


4. About 57% of you are spending 8 minutes or more on the site. That’s a neat stat because it shows that you’re actually reading the articles and even commenting.

5. Cost Per News’ Technorati rank has been steadily increasing and we’ve been able to maintain a solid position inside the top 100,000 which was my 6 month benchmark. We’re closing in on 75,000 so my new benchmark for the 6 month mark (June ’07) is to be within the top 50,000. Doesn’t sound impressive, but again… this is a niche blog that has a glass ceiling of “page views” and “rank.”

So, thank you for continued visits and input. The last 24 hours have been filled with positive and encouraging emails and phone calls, and I do appreciate those. Stats are fun to review, but rarely tell you much about the actual nature of a blog or a site.

Online marketing is slowly realizing the old paradigms of quantitative numbers don’t equate with the actual quality of a site’s readership or the responsiveness a community may have to certain marketing techniques. For instance, Ze Frank’s community is relatively small by traditional metrics, but incredibly loyal and devoted. I’d rather have that community than a million faceless impressions if I were building a program.

By the way, I’m still searching the job offers and would love to make an announcement at Affiliate Summit later this month. Contact me if you’re in need of someone with lots of experience in this space!

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