How the (SEO) Virus Spread

virus.gifHere’s the lineage of the infamous “5 Things Blog Meme” in terms of the SEO crowd. I had no idea I could be grouped with SEO’ers.

I’ve said the whole practice of SEO is almost meaningless in the current market and have been yelled at by a few, so I guess this is guilt by association!

Hasn’t blogging and blogging platforms such as WordPress, Typepad, Vox, Blogger LiveJournal and even MySpace done away with the need for professional SEO’ers? Forget affiliate marketing, Jeff… it’s SEO that needs a serious reconsideration and wake-up call. It seems the entire base of that profession is running off of four year old momentum.

If you do practice SEO, please convince me that it is not completely worthless.

Otherwise, I’ll go on following the data I have and producing good content… which seems to do more for Google or organic rank than any (needlessly expensive) attempt at manipulation of the system.

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