Google’s Bigger, Larger, Brighter Checkout Buttons

Google continues to pour on the Checkout blitz.

Now, products from companies affiliated with the Checkout service are denoted in the top “sponsored links” area with large Checkout images.

I’d love to see data on the effectiveness of these buttons (considering Google isn’t a fan of publishers using images to draw attention to AdSense contextual ads)…

Here’s an image…


By the way, Tim Storm from Fatwallet directed me to a fantastic laptop case that I’d like to purchase. If anyone has an eBags affiliate link they’d like for me to use (or a link from a competitor with similar products), send it over and I’ll use it for the case I want to purchase (and for future purchases). I know that’s not always kosher, but we’re all friends here, right?

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2 Replies to “Google’s Bigger, Larger, Brighter Checkout Buttons”

  1. Jonathan (Trust) January 25, 2007 at 14:56

    Are you seeing that in IE too? I see it with Firefox but not IE.


    1. Good catch, Jonathan. I just tried the same search on IE using the university’s computers (which unfortunately still uses IE and Windoze instead of FF and Linux which would be much cheaper, much more secure… I digress…), and the Checkout cart is the dull gray version and not the souped-up colorful button version.


      They don’t have IE7 installed here (and I’m sure as hell not going to put it on my system)… can anyone try IE7 to see if the new Checkout button shows up? Wayne? Brian?

      Then, go gouge your eyes out for still using IE and install FireFox.

      Have you ordered your MacBook yet, Wayne?? Do IT!


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