Will Social Media’s NoFollow Movement Hurt SEO?

11 thoughts on “Will Social Media’s NoFollow Movement Hurt SEO?”

  1. I didn’t realize that WordPress has a nofollow on comments by default. I’ve talked to a number of people who recommend installing the “DoFollow” plugin to allow comments to be indexed.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Yeah, I’d forgotten about that wordpress thing. That’s been a long time now. I wonder if that’s changed at all in the new 2.x versions.

    I think it sucks that they do this by default, especially with no way to whitelist or control which comments may get their links ‘followed’.

    I use dofollow.

  3. I did not realize WordPress has “nofollow” per default. Can you point me to the “do follow” plug in? Thanks!

  4. Thanks Sam,

    In my case I am just grateful any one notices my sites and finds my posts interesting enough to comment. By the way, congratulation on whooping 5 PR! I think it’s phenomenal!

    1. You put out some great ideas and content, Vlad. Thanks for the congrats. I’m really not a metrics kind of a person with page views, etc, but I hear a 5 is decent for 3 months of bloviating and picking on Wayne and Molander.

      BTW, mobile.costpernews.com is now active for you CrackBerry addicts. I noticed there were a ton of you at the Summit, so you can enjoy your daily fix of CostPerNews on the go in a convenient and wap friendly fashion 🙂

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