What Makes a CPA Network Stand Out?


Most of you are familiar with larger CPA networks such as Azoogle or CPA Empire, but should you be looking into the possibility of working with CPA networks that are smaller in scale?

What about Rextopia, MarketLeverage or LevelClick?

I asked Lindsey Kane of IceWaterMedia‘s CPA network LevelClick about such differentiating factors and why publishers or affiliates should consider working with their network rather than a more traditional affiliate network (CJ, Linkshare or ShareASale) or one of the larger CPA networks.

Here is her response:

“We have several exclusive offers that you can not find on any other network. Also, all affiliates and advertisers receive a subscription to “Lindsey’s List” which is our weekly newsletter. In addition, we offer a wide range of tools/campaigns for contextual marketing which is our specialty.”

How important are “exclusive” offers to recruiting affiliates? I’d say they can help build a network’s brand, but they are definitely not selling points for a network in a crowded marketplace.

However, Lindsey’s other two points about “Lindsey’s List” and helping affiliates and publishers with their contextual marketing via unique tools or campaigns are unique and potentially valuable selling points for LevelClick. These are the types of services that the smaller networks can provide for affiliates and publishers, and a reason to at least investigate a possible relationship.

The idea of an email subscription which takes the normal affiliate newsletter to the next level (affiliatenewsletter2.0?) could, with the right content and community development, become an extremely beneficial differentiating point. Publishers and affiliates, like most merchants and networks, enjoy putting names with faces. Newsletters with personalities can fill that need (think Adbumb a few years ago). Nice idea, Lindsey.

Helping affiliates and publishers consolidate or improve their contextual advertising programs can also gain a network a friendly reputation and increase word-of-mouth buzz about a certain affiliate manager or network.  Affiliate marketing and even email marketing is about relationships… affiliates and publishers will be much more inclined to work with people they respect and learn from.

Of course, there is no secret formula for determining which networks or merchants you should partner with if you are an affiliate or a publisher. Nonetheless, you should continually seek out new partners and investigate what is going on in the space around you.  Contact LevelClick or Rextopia or MarketLeverage and see what they can do for you.  Finding the right network or merchant to partner with early can be incredibly valuable in the long run, so keep an eye out and do your homework.

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  1. Great summary. I have had limited success putting my merchants in smaller programs. Usually I get great service, but my offers are more pure retailers so it is hard to differentiate. So it isn’t necessarily the fault of the network, but many times my inability to bring an offer that stands out. The right offer in the right network finding the right affiliate is all it takes. Stick


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