1099 Form: It’s that Time of the Year Again

3 thoughts on “1099 Form: It’s that Time of the Year Again”

  1. This may be a silly question but I’ll ask anyway. I started with affiliate marketing this year, late in the year. Several networks that I’ve worked with have paid me, but not all have crossed the $600 threshold. I’m guessing I won’t get a 1099 from these folks – how do I handle that from a tax standpoint?

  2. > So, what do you say, Shawn? Affiliate Marketing and Taxes discussion at the next Summit?

    We ask attendees after each show what topics they want to cover. over the years, there have maybe been a half dozen people total that mentioned taxes.

    I’m happy to to do, but I am not getting any indication that it’s a topic people want to hear.

    Personally, I try to outsource anything that is outside of my skill set, and taxes are definitely not one of my focuses.

    Do you think a lot of affiliate marketers are trying to keep up with tax laws and related issues themselves?

    I found it to be a better ROI for me to get an accountant for that stuff, even back when I was making $200 or so a month as an affiliate in the 90s, than to struggle through it myself.

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