Anti-Social Media

5 thoughts on “Anti-Social Media”

  1. I’ve been watching Loren for a few months now after finding him via Scoble. Then, Loren got the golden ticket to join the video network and he’s gone all mainstream.

    He’s actually a really nice guy behind the scenes and we share a love of boston terriers. I do hate his gold chains, though (scroll down a little for my comment).

  2. He’s obviously correct about the “wisdom of crowds” thing, but I think he’s missing the point of social networks. To say that social networks are all about a crowd finding valuable links/material via their votes/diggs/bumps is to reduce social networking to a series of popularity contests — which are bad in any context. Of course the most popular YouTube vids, Digg posts, etc are going to appeal to the lowest common denominator. To me the value of social networking isn’t with respect to the “popular” memes etc, it’s being able to find members of a niche community and use that community as a base for learning, fun, whatever. As a marketer you can use it for other things of course.

    I could get into a much deeper conversation here about the role of humans in a larger society and what their “goals” should be, but suffice it to say that I’d argue that many of the things people tend to value (knowledge, love, happiness) can be better accomplished with online social networking than without.

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