Ubuntu Feisty Fawn 7.04


I downloaded and quickly installed Ubuntu’s new version, Feisty Fawn, last night.

I even skinned it to look like OSX…


I’ve used 6.06 and 6.10 since last summer, but Feisty (7.04) is by far and away the best Linux distro out there for my needs. Comparing Feisty to my Windows Vista laptop and my Mac OSX machine, it is my favorite because of cost, ease of use and customability. Plus, it’s darn fast and seems to be very stable no matter what I throw at it.

Here’s a few of the nice things I’ve noticed about 7.04 compared to 6.10…

1. My “Motion Eye” built-in webcam works flawlessly on a Sony Vaio VGN-FE770G laptop with Feisty. I’ve never had great success in getting it (or any webcam) to work with either 6.06 or 6.10. So, this was a nice suprise and a HUGE bonus.

2. The boot time for Feisty seems to be quicker than 6.10. Maybe it’s just me or my machine, but it seems faster on the load.

3. NVidia support!

4. Sound seems to be much better in Feisty than in 6.10. After heavy use in 6.10, I would start to get a lag or echo in sound. Not the case with Feisty so far.

5. My Logitech VXRevolution mouse worked right away with no fuss in Feisty.

6. Skype works wonderfully in Feisty. It took a little manipulation to get it right in 6.10.

7. My Logitech laptop USB headphones work right when I plug them in. No fooling with the command line… which is fun, but can be tedious when I’m trying to do something quickly.

So, my first impressions are all very good ones. I use this Ubuntu laptop as my main machine for both personal and work related items. SO, I’m hoping this is the Ubuntu release that finally convinces me that I don’t need a Vista or OSX box to communicate properly with the outside world…

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