Buick Can’t Buy Marketing Like This


Say what you want about social media and social networks, but I think this is just one small example of how organic and non-induced marketing can seriously improve a brand, campaign or even offer.

This week, General Motors unveiled the new concept for the Buick Riviera model at the Shanghai Auto Show. Designed at the GM Pan Asia Technical Center, the car is yet another stylish Buick designed by GM’s China design team.  The Riveria is an older brand, and as the son of a car dealer, I’ve seen my share of ugly Riveria’s.

So, I was excited to see the new concept.

However, I found out about it on Digg.  The story (with hi-res pics) about the new concept for the Riveria was dugg yesterday and is now pushing 300 diggs and is on the front page.  While not signficant in terms of Detroit budget numbers, having that many diggs and being on the front page for an extended amount of time causes a ripple in the pond of influence.  Soon, these young tech geeks (like myself) who watch Digg will tell their young friends about the car and so on and so on.  It’s effective and you can’t buy or induce that sort of beneficial marketing.

The problem is that many large (and small) companies think they can find ways to game Digg or StumbleUpon.  Sure, you can get an offer on the front page, but the traffic is going to be junk.

Make your marketing human and stop trying to fit square pegs into round holes!

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