First Democrat Debate in Orangeburg, SC


Just got through watching and digesting the first Democrat debate in Orangeburg, SC at SC State University.

Barack was on his A Game, Hillary seemed flustered and Edwards was great until the very last question.

When asked “Who Is Your Moral Leader?,” Edwards paused for an awkward ten seconds before stumbling out something about his personal lord.

Come on, John.  I’m a huge fan.  I supported you in ’04 and I’m supporting you in ’08, but that was embarrasing.  Why not something like…

“Well, there are many.  My dad was my first moral example who showed me that money isn’t everything but character is. Then, when I had the opportunity to go to college because of my dad’s hard work, I came into contact with the works of Gandhi and MLK, Jr who opened my eyes to the importance of morality in politics and public service.”

That would have won you the presidency… no contest.

We’re behind you and Elizabeth, John… now get on your A-Game and be the candidate that we know you can be.

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