Month: May 2007

WordPress Error

Did I screw something up on CostPerNews? I changed the theme but haven’t played with the wp-config.php file or localhost. Any ideas? EDIT: Nevermind… everything seems normal now.  Except the new CostPerNews design crashes IE7.  Sweet.

Lost Ending in 2010

My favorite TV show, Lost, is ending in 2010. That’s three more seasons. As if that’s not sad enough (well, everything good has a definite ending… see Ze Frank’s The Show), but the final three seasons will be 16 episode seasons which will run from February to May.  That means no fall Lost shows from here on out. I hope it sustains the audience because it’s only getting better.

Education and Web2.0

From Miguel Guhlin’s Around the Corner blog (one of my favorites on education and forward thinking)… “K-12 education, as it’s structured now, prevents the use of Read/Write Web tools like wikis, blogs, and podcasts…and the ability of people to publish at will. Consider how many organizations allow their members to podcast presentations…that any organization might try to STOP people or control individuals publishing shows how quickly the paradigm has changed.” We’ve got to get over …

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GMail and Such

I’ve gone back and forth on how I think and feel about things like Google Reader and GMail. At times, I’ve been the loudest and most vocal advocate for web based apps and the mobile lifestyle it enables.  However, as of late I’ve switched back to using Liferea (Linux feed reader) as my feed reader and Thunderbird as my email client.  I’ve slowly been trying to get people to email me at my address …

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Lying Liars and Liars Who… Lie

Just got through watching George Tenet on this week’s Meet the Press. It’s amazing how everyone is trying to cover their behinds now that we realize what we’ve gotten ourselves into.  And, it’s sad.

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