How To Cook Chicken Bog

Last Fall, I made a post with detailed instructions on how to make “chicken bog” in the Mullins, SC fashion.

Here’s my Flickr set from my latest batch of chicken bog this week.

Try it out and enjoy!

Brewgrass 2007

Brewgrass is a fantastic annual festival held here in Asheville, NC. As you can tell from the name, the main focus of the festival is combining great micro-brews from across the US with bluegrass music. I highly recommend if you’re into either of those noble pursuits.

Here’s a quick vid I took at the festival yesterday:

Won’t My Moleskine Please Come Home?

I realized too late that I had left my latest Moleksine notebook on a flight from Charlotte, NC to Dallas, TX.

I’m praying some kind soul finds the notebook and sends it home or calls me (via the info I put on the first page).

That would restore my faith in humanity.  Please work. 


Visiting Dura Europos

I look forward to visiting Dura Europos myself one day.  Here’s a fun travel-logue by a traveler: 

Dura Europos was certainly the most attractive archaeological site I visited in Syria. A ruined citadel sits atop a ridge overlooking the river and a large city wall that is still defined in several places bounds the entire site. Numerous temple remains dot the site but virtually nothing remains of any of them, with the notable exception of the Christian church, which I was able to find. This is rather exciting because it is the oldest church of certain date in the world. Overall, the site is really quite impressive, and aesthetically, it was my favourite ancient site in Syria.

nathanaels: The Desert, the Euphrates, and Mesopotamia

Reasons to Love Asheville

Sidewalk existentialism (or nihilism? or optimism?) from the great Ashevegas blog.

Socrates would be in Asheville if he were still around.

Ashvegas – Journal – Good question