Promoting in a Flat Web

Sean Coon has a great post on the ability of laypersons (in this case musicians) to get their messages, voices and music out to an increasingly large number of folks from desirable demographics by leveraging web services and social platforms.

While Sean sticks to the music scene, his post certainly rings true for all of marketing (music is a form of marketing in my book) in general.

Recommended reading (especially if you like catchy diagrams):

What’s becoming obvious is that as more domains decide to make their APIs available in the public arena — to both independent developers and to the very same domains they compete with — our internet rapidly progresses from a linearly connective space to a multi-layered, inter-connected environment — more akin to a network — ripe with exposed hooks to latch onto and build upon.

The most powerful part of this equation? How about the fact that a great number of internet services — across numerous industries — have evolved to a point where Joe Layman can now leverage our internet’s many to many power of connectivity and discovery, yet never have to bust out one line of code in the process of doing so.

the dotmatrix project

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