Americans’ Strange Attitudes About the Internet

It’s a series of TUBESSSSS!

But seriously, we Americans are a pretty frightening lot indeed:

To summarize: an alarming percentage of respondents are open to brain implants that allow them to access the internet with their minds and that allow their children’s locations to be tracked, they think government censorship of online video content is acceptable, the internet makes them feel closer to God and less close their significant others – but their own identities on the internet are not very important to them. This is frightening stuff…

More than half of respondents believe that internet content, like video, should be controlled in some way by the government. Only 36% said the blocking of internet video would be unconstitutional.

Wow.  I’m as apple pie American as anyone, but with thinking like that, it’s no wonder we elect clowns like Ted Stevens to represent us in Washington.

Somewhere Karl Rove is stroking a bald cat and thinking “exceeelent.”

Poll: US Attitudes About The Internet Are Insane

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