Is Mobile Advertising Viable (Even Before Google)?

Google’s announcement of it’s mobile advertising platform and partnerships (“Android”) yesterday raises quite a few questions about the future of mobile as a computing platform. Instead of going the route of a desktop operating system, is Google putting its eggs into the mobile basket?

Consequently, since Google is an advertising company at the end of the day, is mobile the next brave new world for contextual monetization of users now that Google has conquered the search and intention engines?

And what about the smaller companies who are making forays into the mobile world of performance advertising? Do they stand a chance once the Google mobile operating system is up and running on millions of phones and serving up highly relevant contextual advertising based on years of user data?

Shawn Collins has a post about one such company throwing their hat into the pre-Google mobile ring, Ads-Click. Will companies attempting to stake a claim in the performance marketing and advertising world such as this or AdMob be eventually stomped by the Google behemoth or are they playing their cards right for getting into the ring early?

Ads-Click, a solution for search and contextual advertising, unveiled Ads-Click Mobile today. Ads-Click Mobile is a mobile advertising platform that offers a cost-per-click (CPC) pricing option to advertisers.

CPC is made possible because the Ads-Click Mobile tool includes an easy process for any organization to quickly create its own mobile landing page, which is hosted by Ads-Click. The tool also enables the creation of multiple banner ad formats and more sophisticated targeting methods than competitive offerings.

Ads-Click Mobile Launches | Affiliate Marketing Blog by Shawn Collins

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