ScratchBack Paying 90% During Beta Phase


Jim Kukral’s ScratchBack continues to gain steam in the blogging world (especially in light of Goole’s crackdown on pagerank and link sellers over the last month). You can see my full review of ScratchBack over on ReveNews.

In the meantime, Kukral has announced that they payout for ScratchBack during the beta phase will be 90%…

ScratchBack has been live a week or so, and we launched it intentionally with a “higher” cut for ourselves, just so we could see how our users reacted to it. That cut wasn’t publicized, but it was easy to figure out. It was 50/50 after PayPal fees. Much has been made about this cut and we’ve been told how unfair that is. Guess what? We agree.

I’ve been impressed with the platform so far. Give it a crack and see what you think.

News: ScratchBack Pays 90% During Beta : ScratchBack

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