NeverblueAds Partners with IAC


According to DM News, CPA network NeverblueAds has partnered with IAC CAP to provide affiliate application management on IAC products.

I’ve tried to find some usage numbers on the MyWebSearch Toolbar mentioned in the partnership, but haven’t been able to locate any hard data.

IAC CAP is a part of the larger IAC conglomerate.

IAC is the parent company of properties such as,, HSN, Evite, CitySearch, ServiceMagic, Ticketmaster and Bloglines (among about 60 others).  So, it will be interesting to see if this relationship leads to other opportunities for Neverblue or if this opens the doors for other large conglomerate new media companies to work with established affiliate outfits.

NeverblueAds, an affiliate network of Neverblue Media, has partnered with IAC Consumer Applications and Portals. The partnership enables the NeverblueAds network to manage new affiliate applications on behalf of IAC CAP for its MyWebSearch Toolbar, which includes products such as Zwinky, Webfetti, and Popular Screensavers.

Thanks to Jeff Molander for the tip.

DMNews – NeverblueAds partners with IAC CAP

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