Affiliate Program Seeks to Spread Wifi Love


Interesting new affiliate program from the wifi network FON in CJ (15-18% commission):

Besides earning a commission rate of 15% of all your referred sales, we also provide 120 return day cookies (to track your referrals even after someone has clicked-through on your link) and unlimited referral occurrences.

Refer just $600 or more in sales in any month and you’ll earn a 10% bonus. Refer $1,600 or more in a month and you’ll earn a 20% bonus, bringing your effective commission rate to 18%!

FON has gotten a good deal of press on tech and gadget blogs for its alternative goal to spread free wifi by subsidizing routers for individuals (costs around $50).  I’m not sure how successful the program will be, but it’s interesting to see a company trying to gain traction here in the States turn to an affiliate solution.

blognation USA has more coverage.


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