Google v PayPerPost Act III

Google recently socked PayPerPosters with a decrease of PageRank to 0.  Harsh, but needed in my opinion.  If you’re going to dance to Google’s music, you’ve got to be willing to pay the band.

Robert Scoble makes the point that:

Bloggers beware. If you just write great content and put the ads around the content like everyone else does you won’t be messing with Google and Google won’t mess with you.

VCDan writes in the comments to that post:

GOOG’s latest move isn’t about disclosure or search relevance. IZEA’s launch of (prior to this GOOG move) with mandatory disclosure, transparent RealRank, no-follow links, and face-based analytics positions IZEA to lead on transparency and convert even more bloggers from AdSense to sponsored social media.

Which got me thinking… one of the people that I listen to the most when it comes to all things web, Jim Kukral, has similar things to say about SocialSpark

In fact, Jim says that Izea should dump PPP as a brand and focus on SocialSpark.

So, the big question is can a con-man reform himself and can Ted Murphy rebrand Izea and SocialSpark as separate from the PayPerPost stigma?  I’m not so sure, but it will be fun to see how bloggers (and Google) handles SocialSpark’s upcoming release.

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