Toys and Tools: Different Names for the Same Things

Having become a father just six weeks ago, I’m already recognizing the patterns of behavior that my daughter and I share.  While she’s not playing with Barbie’s yet, she’s becoming very tactile as she continues to try and figure out this strange new world that she’s joined.

I love my toys.  My toys these days are phones and laptops and all sorts of geeky gizmo’s.  This week, I got my first Macbook Pro and I’m using it for productivity reasons while also treating it like a toy.  I’m sure Mary Hudson will do the same as she grows and starts to put the toys she enjoys playing with to use as learning tools.

So, my question… is there a difference between toys and tools?  Can a hammer be both an instrument of creativity and enjoyment as well as a way to get things done?

Personally, I don’t see a difference between the two.  Hopefully my experience as a father will either confirm or prove wrong my theory.

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