Seesmic is The Next Big Thing (I Think)

6 thoughts on “Seesmic is The Next Big Thing (I Think)”

  1. Seesmic is over sold by the creator. Let the technology and innovation speak for itself and we’ll see if it’s the next big thing.

  2. I agree your words “Seesmic is The Next Big Thing ”
    Currently, I dont have a own account, but all what i saw, is brillant .
    I dont mean prim. the video content, More exactly the technic behind.
    Seemic is stable and friendly to my Browser .
    Mogulus and stuff like this is nice but sometimes . . damnit

  3. Seesmic is overhyped. And to #3 i am not sure what you’re talking about. It is done entirely in Flash and crashes like crazy. Just subscribe to the Seesmic twitter feed to see how many times they have to restart the service – almost on a daily basis.

    Sure, it is alpha and you expect issues but still. The only thing Seesmic has going for it is Loic, because of his personality. But his charm wears off after awhile.

  4. I don’t know if Seesmic is hyped, but I know that his creator Loic Lemeur has done a wonderful job of Buzz marketing to promote it, that is why you can hear about it everyhwere. About the crashes and all of that, don’t forget that Seesmic is in a testing period. This is an Alpha version. I don’t want to defend the project but this is not a final product yet. I personnaly found normal the problem that might occured right now. So wait and see, we also have to see if a larger audience can develop the content as it is supposed to.

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