Twitter and Online Marketing: What Problem Does Twitter Solve?


What purpose does Twitter serve for online marketers? Can you successfully “market” something on Twitter?

Yes and no.

Yes: you can market yourself, your ideas, your brand and your positions that down the road equate into real world bottom line numbers.

No: marketing products or services directly on Twitter in a pure performance marketing sense is incredibly difficult. I’ve been on Twitter for over a year and have 500+ followers and people that I’m following (which is a fairly substantial number in Twitterland). I’ve not seen anyone successfully sustain the ability to direct market products or services.

Twitter is an amazing tool for networking, sharing info or marketing yourself or your ideas. It requires patience and the realization that not all marketing is constrained by notions of direct results. Sometimes, the best types of performance marketing are the ones that build on organic interest… the type of interest you can generate on Twitter.

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