LinkConnector’s New Product Feed Creatives

LinkConnector, a North Carolina based affiliate network, launched its new product feed creatives this week.  The new creatives allow affiliates to promote specific merchant products without having to download the merchant’s entire product feed.

In other words, these are dynamic ads that allow the affiliate promoting a merchant to be choosy about products withing a data feed.  Giving affiliates a choice is always a good thing and normally works out for the merchant in terms of improved conversions as well.

According to LinkConnector:

“LinkConnector’s product feed creatives pull data directly from merchant product feeds, tools which are very important to the success of many affiliate marketers. Product feeds enable affiliates to link directly to the product or landing page specifically requested by the user. They also provide merchants with a quick way to supply definitive product information directly to their affiliates. Product feeds enable affiliates to programmatically keep their websites up to date with the merchant’s latest product pricing and promotional information. Product feeds better enable affiliates to sell the products and services of merchants, translating into increased conversions.”

While nothing earth shattering, this is a positive step in the right direction for networks.  Improving on something as “old” as product or data feeds seems rather mundane in the web2.0 world where there seems to be revolutionary new platforms being created every day, but it is essential for networks to continue to make these sorts of improvements on features we’ve all been using for years.

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