Tumri Marketing Widget

Linda Buquet has posted about the new TUMRI CornerStore marketing widget. And the best part??? Set it and forget it! Let Tumri take care of everything for you! I’ll let you read her post for more information, but this is a neat little tool for affiliates to sink their teeth into. It’s only the fourth … Continue reading Tumri Marketing Widget


Just as a reminder, I’ve created a widget that you can place on your desktop or just about anywhere you’d like for CostPerNews content. CostPerWidget Takes about 30 seconds to get going, and you can make your own with any RSS feed as well. If you make one, send it over and I’ll feature them … Continue reading CostPerWidget

Microformats and the Decentralized Future of Online Marketing

Firefox’s Alex Faaborg has raised quite a few eyebrows with his piece on Microformats and the possibilities that exist for these platforms in terms of browser implementation (Firefox3?)… 4. The Web Browser as an Information Broker (Firefox 3?) Much in the same way that operating systems currently associate particular file types with specific applications, future … Continue reading Microformats and the Decentralized Future of Online Marketing

Affiliate Blog List v2

Scott Jangro has updated The Affiliate Blog List tool and it now includes the ability to create an account, leave comments and restricts multiple bumps or dumps (and I was just getting the hang of dumping all of Shawn’s posts)… By adding a social aspect to what’s otherwise an RSS reader, I’m hoping that the … Continue reading Affiliate Blog List v2

Cost Per Ensemble

Is there a listening audience out there for a podcast of five or so forward thinkers in the online marketing world? Would you be interested in hearing five or seven of us get together every week or month and letting the tape roll for an hour or three? If you’re interesting, you can join in … Continue reading Cost Per Ensemble

Eyeblaster Fails to Sell

Valleywag is reporting that video advertising network Eyeblaster has failed to find a suitor. Eyeblaster, an online ad company which hoped to trump the sales of Pointroll and Klipmart, is off the market after failing to attract a buyer. Competitors Pointroll and Klipmart have already found buyers (Pointroll sold to Gannett for $100 million and … Continue reading Eyeblaster Fails to Sell

Inner Workings of a Spambot

Paperghost has posted up an interesting video on the workings of a spambot… http://www.vitalsecurity.org/2007/01/ever-wondered-how-spambot-works.html To quote Han Solo:  “And I thought they smelled bad…on…the outside!” Online marketers beware!  Learn how the scum side of the internet works because education is the best prevention. Continue reading Inner Workings of a Spambot