In Memory of Carl Sagan

Today is the 11th anniversary of the death of my hero Carl Sagan (thanks to Bad Astronomy for the reminder).  Personally, it has been an emotionally trying year with the birth of our first child and soon thereafter the death of my childhood best friend and cousin (more like brother) in Afghanistan. I find wisdom … Continue reading In Memory of Carl Sagan

Squidoo Takes on Knol

Squidoo strikes back against Google with an interesting front end for a Squidoo lens creator called SquidKnol: We built a new front door that makes it easy for you to build a scholarly page, filled with details, facts and more on Squidoo. And of course it will be indexed all over the web… Pretty smart … Continue reading Squidoo Takes on Knol

What is an API?

Matt Dickman has an excellent (and concise) post/video on MarketingProfs explaining what an API is and what it does. Whether you’re a marketing geek or just someone interested in improving your web marketing, you need to at least have a conversational understanding of API’s in this web2.0 mashup world. Matt provides a good place to … Continue reading What is an API?

TweeterBoard is Bad and Stunts Growth of Conversations (as Do All “Lists”)

My pal Marshall Kirkpatrick made a post on Read/WriteWeb concerning the fascinating new TweeterBoard site: On Tweeterboard you’ll find not only a list of the top 100 most influential users on Twitter – you can also look up any of almost 2000 users and see who they are conversing with and get some idea how … Continue reading TweeterBoard is Bad and Stunts Growth of Conversations (as Do All “Lists”) or

Interesting post (and discussion in the comments) from ComparisonEngine on Pepperjam’s site: In a search for Ugg boots, I found the following ad: I thought I was clicking on a ad. Instead, I arrived at, which is owned by the Pepperjam Network. Kris Jones has also posted about Brian’s ComparisonEngine post on … Continue reading or

Thanks, Anna

Chris Brogan wished his wife a happy birthday in a beautiful post on his blog today. Following in his footsteps, I just wanted to give a quick “Thank you and I love you” to my wife. It has certainly been one heck of a year, but she impresses me more and more everyday with her … Continue reading Thanks, Anna

Digital River Shares Slip: Affiliate Future for Games?

Barron’s is reporting that Digital River, the parent company of affiliate network oneNetworkDirect, is seeing its stock price slide today in light of lower revenue from key client Symantec resulting in a lower valuation: Zorovic says that he now expects the software-downloading service company’s revenue from key customer Symantec (SYMC) to be down 5% year-over-year … Continue reading Digital River Shares Slip: Affiliate Future for Games?

LinkConnector’s New Product Feed Creatives

LinkConnector, a North Carolina based affiliate network, launched its new product feed creatives this week.  The new creatives allow affiliates to promote specific merchant products without having to download the merchant’s entire product feed. In other words, these are dynamic ads that allow the affiliate promoting a merchant to be choosy about products withing a … Continue reading LinkConnector’s New Product Feed Creatives