Sam Harrelson

Sam Harrelson

pepperjamNETWORK Launches

Pepperjam has launched a new affiliate network called the pepperjamNETWORK. I’m sure you’ll see a great deal about it on the various online marketing and affiliate blogs, but it looks like a nice new alternative for affiliates and publishers looking for something different.

I’m particularly intrigued by the “web2.0” cleanliness, the instant chat support feature and the better tracking options for search affiliates (much needed in the affiliate networking space).

Here’s are the details from an email from Pepperjam’s Kris Jones about the network:

– Pepperjam Network addresses two of the most significant shortcomings found on other existing affiliate networks: (1) poor, unreliable communication tools and (2) lack of affiliate transparency.
– With Pepperjam Network, affiliates and advertisers can communicate in real-time via Pepperjam Chat™, thereby providing a reliable communication system to build stronger, more profitable partnerships.
– Pepperjam Network provides advertisers with an unprecedented measure of affiliate transparency, which helps to establish trust, protect brand integrity, and lays the groundwork for open, long-term, profitable relationships.
– Pepperjam Network uses Web 2.0 technology to provide affiliates and advertisers with an easy-to-use, clean interface.
– Pepperjam Network offers industry leading SID-level tracking and reporting (great for sophisticated search marketing affiliates)
– Pepperjam Network introduces pepperjamADS™, which is a first-ever affiliate marketing widget that affiliates can use to serve customized contextual ads from multiple Pepperjam Network advertisers at the same time.
– Pepperjam Network contains a knowledge vault, which is exclusive to Pepperjam affiliates. The vault contains exclusive access to a list of tools and educational resources used by Super Affiliates.
– Pepperjam Network represents over eight years of research and development and the combined ideas, feedback, and intelligence of hundreds of affiliate marketers and advertisers.
– Pepperjam Network launched with over 100 merchants and growing quickly, including Blockbuster, Jelly Belly, AeroGrow, Oscar de la Renta, BabyPhat, Rocawear, Ben Sherman, FlyCell, SinglesNet, SEOmoz Premium, and many more.
– Pepperjam Network has its own affiliate program that pays out up to $7 per approved publisher application
– Check out the Pepperjam Network Blog for videos, commentary and updates on Pepperjam Network and the broader affiliate marketing community.

Should be interesting to see the blogger and wider affiliate response today. I think this will be a hit for some publishers and affiliates looking outside the box.

Shawn Collins has put together a nifty video showing how to sign up for the pepperjamNETWORK as well.

As a caveat, Pepperjam is advertising here and on ReveNews to announce the launch (hence the banner in the sidebar) but this is something I would have covered regardless.

Posted: 01.15.2008

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