Random Rant: Techmeme and Online Marketing Blogs

If you are in the world of online marketing / content monetization / affiliate marketing, you’ve no doubt seen the dozens of posts covering the launch of pepperjamNETWORK.  It’s a major event for the online marketing world and the amount of coverage generated in the first 12 hours since launch has been impressive.

Randomly, I decided to check Techmeme to see if any of the pepperjamNETWORK coverage made it there.  Even though blogs with high PR ratings and thousands of readers and subscribers that have been on Techmeme numerous times (this blog, ReveNews, Shawn Collins’ AffiliateTip, VinnyLingham.com, etc) covered the release, none of them made it onto Techmeme.

Not to mention that it’s the day of Steve Jobs’ keynote at MacWorld, so many people in the tech space will be looking for a few glimpses of non-Apple news.

I’m not complaining about the echo chamber yada yada, but it is interesting to note that if and when TechCrunch or ReadWrite/Web covers the launch of pepperjamNETWORK, it will be on Techmeme immediately.

There really is no place for the geek marketer.

I guess it all goes back to the misconceptions of affiliate marketing that people outside our industry have.

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