WSJ on Blog Monetization

Affiliate marketing gets a brief mention in a Wall Street Journal article on blog monetization today. We’ve really got to get out from the umbrella:

Many of the most widely used ad programs — such as AdSense and Inc.’s affiliate-marketing program, where publishers get a cut of all sales generated from ads on their site — also are trying to make ads more appealing. For instance, they have rolled out new features in recent months to give publishers more control over how the ads look and where they are placed.

Most of the article is more geared towards widgets and video advertising.  Affiliate marketing is getting left in the dust and missing out on very good exposure to new potential merchants and publishers as a result.

2 thoughts on “WSJ on Blog Monetization”

  1. Your last paragraph seems oddly familiar…

    “Most of the article is more geared towards [‘major’ presidential candidate]. [not a ‘major’ presidential candidate] is getting left in the dust and missing out on very good exposure to new potential [voters] as a result.”

    I always thought you’d try to run a campaign like a business, not the other way around.

    The article really talks about the evolution of the new media marketing paradigm which INCLUDES using videos with affiliate marketing to increase revenues. It was geared mostly towards proving the point that 2008 is going to be focused on finding new ways of monetizing existing revenue channels. The affiliate marketing industry is now using audio and video as a way to better serve advertising attached to, or simply as, entertainment.

    The only thing you bothered to comment on was how your little part of the affiliate marketing industry got ignored. It’s business, there’s no sympathy vote to hope for.

  2. I saw this article and had the same thought.

    I think the idea here is that affiliate marketing is bad at promoting itself. One of the major networks should have at least been mentioned.

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