LinkConnector Making Gains: Is There a “Big 4” Anymore?

5 thoughts on “LinkConnector Making Gains: Is There a “Big 4” Anymore?”

  1. I strongly advice to stay away from LinkConnector. I have paid them the 300$ setup fees and then they told me that I will not be able to use naked link technology unless I pay some 2000$ more, so I asked to cancel the deal and get a refund. THEY REFUSED to refund my money, although they have spent 0 time, money or resources. They simply said “No refunds”! Stay away from such.

  2. I think it is tripling its market share reach, and closing the gap between itself and other large networks, such as Commission Junction. LinkConnector has redefined for many merchants and affiliates what it is they want from an affiliate marketing network.Thanks and Regards

  3. LinkConnector has been active in the industry since 2004, but it looks as if they are picking up steam and advertisers according to a new press release.

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