My Fav New Blog: The Fail Blog

I don’t know why, but “FAIL!” pictures are hilarious to me. I’m not a mean spirited person or of the Uncov persuasion. Yet, I can’t help but laugh.


See many more at The Fail Blog (the new LOLCats?)

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  1. Funny stuff Sam, many of these pics first appeared at with scathing commentary of very crappy startups (it could have been the fucked company for web 2.0). Ted said he’s not blogging on uncov anymore, maybe this is his new outlet.

    I recognize at least some of the pics from posts on uncov, is this the same guy? No credits on the fail blog.


  2. Hey Larry-

    I’m already missing Uncov’s daily dose of humor (and sometimes sanity). Not sure who is behind the site, but I’m sure Ted would be proud.


  3. i dont get it


  4. He is one of a kind and God help earth


  5. He is one of a kind and God help earth


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