Google PageRank Condoms

Techmeme‘s Gave Rivera chimes in on Andy Beard’s post about Google’s apparent -3 PageRank penalty applied to Techmeme.

Great stuff… go read Andy’s post and Gabe’s full response:

Techmeme PageRank Penalty? | Andy Beard – Niche Marketing: “Hey Tim Berners-Lee, you once said ‘hyperlink by enclosing anchor text in an A HREF tag’. Hope you don’t mind, but Google’s amending that with ‘oh, and make sure to use a nofollow condom on links to entities with which you have commercial relationships, and if your links are redirects, robots.txt disallow the redirect urls…wait, better yet, nofollow those too’. Thanks for the simplicity Tim, but this is what progress looks like.”

(Via Andy Beard Niche Marketing .)

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