The Twitter Adder

People use Twitter in so many ways and with so many agendas that I generally try to keep my subjectivity hat on when I see people using Twitter in a way that grates on my own personal opinions (and tastes).

For me, Twitter has been a very organic community that I’ve grown and continually cultivate myself… pruning people I no longer am interested in following and adding new people who look interesting because of shared connections, interests or thoughts.

Seocracy has a tool that pretty much does the opposite of that and allows you to bulk add a couple hundred of “online marketing gurus” that originated with a post from MarketingPilgrim about “75 Internet Marketing Gurus on Twitter.”

I was on that original list and thought it was a pretty neat idea. The list has since blossomed to over 200 “gurus” and continues to expand in the comments. And the number of random “I’m following you on Twitter” from people using the Seocracy tool continue to trickle in.

Nothing wrong with a tool like this I guess… but if you’re new to Twitter, I’ll urge you to make the most out of Twitter and use it wisely (not that there is one best way… it’s all subjective, right?).

The Twitter Adder

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