Growing Up Wilco

I love Wilco and can’t wait to see them again on the 29th in Charleston. In my opinion, they are the greatest American band out there right now…

Extended Play Music News by Todd Martens – The Envelope – LA Times: “Indeed, it’s astonishing to see the amount of growth and evolution the band has covered in just over a decade. It’s hard to imagine the alt-country Wilco of 1996 tackling the dancey, electronic groove of ‘Spiders (Kidsmoke),’ from Wilco’s 2004 album ‘A Ghost is Born.’ Or then dialing it all down for the easy-going soul of ‘Hate It Here,’ from Wilco’s latest, ‘Sky Blue Sky.’ Fans who have stuck with Wilco since Day One were rewarded with one of the most ardently adventurous bands around, and they showed their enthusiasm by turning songs such as ‘Airline to Heaven,’ ‘Jesus, Etc.’ and ‘Hummingbird’ into full-on crowd sing-alongs.”

It’s been an amazing trip watching the band morph and change while I do the same. I first discovered Wilco during my freshman year of college in 1996 (bought Being There b/c I liked the album cover) and have been hooked every since. It’s been a fun 12 years.

And if you need to hear some Wilco, here’s a set from last Aug 22 (my birthday, btw):

Part 1
Part 2

Thanks to Ashley for sending over.

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