Calacanis on GeekCast: Mahalo Affiliate Workshop

Shawn, Jim, Lisa and I did a special GeekCast (our weekly geek marketing podcast) today with weblebrity Jason Calacanis of Mahalo.

I think this is our best show yet and offered a ton of practical affiliate marketing advice along with the customary humor and irreverence.

GeekCast 9: Jason’s First Time : “Lisa Picarille, Jim Kukral (Kurkal), Shawn Collins and Sam Harrelson were joined by Jason Calacanis for a 45 min long conversation about how Mahalo should incorporate affiliate and performance marketing monetization techniques. The conversation became a workshop applicable to any business looking to monetize content through the affiliate channel and has a high amount of practical value (as well as the normal ratholes and humor).”

Go have a listen on the GeekCast page or download the podcast mp3:

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