Hot Trends is Hot Marketers Resource

gasbuddy.pngI’ve said time and again that I live my online existence through my feed reader (NetNewsWire on the Mac at the moment). Everything from email to Twitter messages from my favorite people flows into there.

One thing that I always enjoy checking is the hourly update of Hot Trends from Google search. For instance, was hot a few hours ago. Evidently there was a report on soaring gas prices here in the states and ways to save money at the pump..

Google Trends:, Mar 15, 2008

Of course, Ashley Alexandra Dupre (of Spitzer fame) is hot as well as the college basketball tournaments that precede March Madness.

hot trends
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In other words, Hot Trends is a way for you to see what is hot all throughout the day in a convenient RSS feed. If you’re a keyword or niche marketer, the long time data is a gold mine for staying ahead of the curve and watching how fast certain topics, or keywords, go from being hot to cool.

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