Careful With that Twitter, Eugene


McCain staff person gets the boot after sending out a troublesome tweet…

McCain Staffer Out, Spread Obama Video – Politics News Story – WCVB Boston:

Republican Sen. John McCain’s campaign suspended a staff member who sent out a provocative video linking Democratic presidential contender Sen. Barack Obama to the comments of his spiritual mentor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

“The staffer, a low-level aide named Soren Dayton, sent out a link Thursday to the YouTube video, titled ‘Is Obama Wright?’ on the social messaging Web site Twitter.”


Don’t staff your social network duties with low level employees or temps. Take it upon yourself to make sure that your company is being represented by the best and brightest possible on these emerging social platforms. They do have sharp edges.

(Title refers to a Pink Floyd song if you are uncool and didn’t get it).

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