So Wrong It’s Funny

Shoemoney® is early on the April Fools’ Day jokes…

How Long Until Someone Is Killed At An Affiliate Summit – ShoeMoney®: So lately I have been asked a lot why I no longer attend affiliate summits. Well this is basically it. I think I would have had a lot more fun at the affiliate summit back a few years ago when I used to love to get drunk and crazy but that is not really my thing anymore. Mix that in with the fact each time I was asked to speak it was a complete train wreck. Then mix in the death threats, and the fact its kind of become a thug conference … well I just have a hard time justifying paying money to experience that… if that makes any sense.

This is why I don’t watch much TV these days… I have posts like this on the internets to laugh at and entertain me.

Head over and read the whole gut-busting post (and don’t forget the comments from the Shoemoney® Sheep Show as well).

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