US Gov’t Kills Spirit (Update: Spirit Saved!)

We spend close to $100,000 every minute in Iraq, but we can’t afford to keep NASA’s budget at its current size and ensure more incredible discoveries about our solar system (and ourselves since we are all created from stardust) from the Mars rover Spirit?

Spirit, the Mars Rover, Left to Die Before Its Time [Mars Rover]: “But now it looks like Spirit has rolled on its six wheels and done science experiments for the very last time. The U.S. government has forced NASA, this country’s national space agency, to cut its budget by 4 million dollars. And that means only one rover, Opportunity, will survive. To say that this is a tragedy is an understatement.”

Amazing. Human short-sightedness never ceases to disappoint me.

Yet another reason to vote for change in ’08.

Update: Spirt Has Been Saved!

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