Cloud Computing IS the Future (Not the Web OS)

9 thoughts on “Cloud Computing IS the Future (Not the Web OS)”

  1. I also talked with Andrew Wee about the cloud computing issue on his latest Friday Podcast and how I thought cloud computing was not only the future here in the West but also presented an amazing opportunity for more “developing” societies to leverage and improve increasingly complex web apps using cheaper and thinner computer machinery.

  2. the web will be omnipresent on our mobile devices, our HDTV’s, our AppleTV’s/DVR’s/TiVO’s/PS5’s as well as our more traditional web terminals that we have traditionally associated with desktops. However, we won’t need a web OS.

  3. such as ubiquitous highspeed internet connections are available and accessible here in the US as well as the continued maturation of “cloud” based web apps such as GMail or Google Docs, are made more reliable.

  4. I agree. I wish we could have more of the operating system in ROM, like days of the Commodore 64. There was nothing like be able to push the power button and in 2 seconds have the operating system loaded and ready. It seems they could do something like this today. It would prevent all viruses that impact the operating system. The RAM component of the operating system would be loaded in such as the desktop, files on the desktop, etc.

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