Web2.0 Expo and Bloody Hands

I’m in San Francisco for Web2.0Expo this week (see banner thingy over on the right). I participated on a great panel (I thought it was great) this morning with a few of my favorite people on the topic of affiliate marketing in the social media world… fun stuff.

I’m shooting some video that I’ll upload this evening. The best way to follow my whereabouts is via my Twitter stream (again, see the banner thingy over on the right).

In the meantime, here’s a great new vid from Mark of 45n5.com:

Why Most Cpa Companies Suck: “I know some great people at a few CPA networks and hope they don’t take it personally but Cpa networks suck because they run fraudulent offers in my opinion, and hopefully they will clean up their act.”

Mark’s comments go hand-in-hand with something I wrote four years ago about my disgust with parts of affiliate and performance marketing (and I still think it’s the best thing I’ve written about affiliate marketing)…

Looking for an Angry Fix: “Over the next six hours, I one by one dissected all the programs present and tried to figure out where things were coming from, who was serving them and how they got onto my poor father’s hard drive. Many were unexplainable. Almost all of them contained affiliate links to the big networks or affiliate programs that we are all familiar with and some that are even represented in this forum. I wrote down everything and was shocked at some of the brands, links and deliveries present. Of course the favorites were there but there were a good deal of surprises.”

Thanks for making me revisit that, Mark.

More soon from sunny San Fran.

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