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Going Open Source (Again)?

So I’ve gotten really lax with my decision to open source as much as I can with my life as a form of my own little protest against corporate control of our content and art production.

I’m typing this on a Mac while listening to DRM’d music on iTunes, so clearly I failed.

However, I’ve been playing around with the new Ubuntu distro and it’s quite compelling. It’s compelling enough to make me consider going back to Ubuntu as my full time operating system (as it was for about 2 years during the 5.10-6.10 days).

But, as with all things, there’s a tradeoff. I enjoy the simplicity yet power of the Mac when it comes to podcasting, movie editing and even blogging (MarsEdit ftw). That’s not to mention great apps like Evernote, TextMate, Skitch, Pukka, Coda and wireless EVDO that I use on a hyper daily basis. I know there are analogs for all of these within Ubuntu or on any Linux distro, but they aren’t as polished and intuitive on the front end.

Not only that, but the “cloud applications” that I use and love such as GMail, Google Reader, Google Docs, Google Calendar, etc are things that I would need to give up to make myself feel more at ease. I could certainly use Ubuntu’s built in suite of apps or either move to platforms like Fastmail or 30boxes that don’t sare me as much as Google’s suite (I know, I know… tin hat).

Yet, Ubuntu keeps calling to me. Others have done it.

Anyway, just thinking out loud here.

Posted: 05.01.2008

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