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Dogs and Books

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What If Constantine Had Converted to Judaism Instead?

The following is a short piece I wrote tonight for a Jewish-Christian Relations seminar in response to Prof Marc Saperstein‘s question of what would have happened had Constantine converted to Judaism rather than Christianity in the 4th Century CE: Prof Marc Saperstein’s question of how history might have been different had Constantine converted to Judaism rather than Christianity is freighted with an incalculable number of strands that if tugged at any one location might disassemble …

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Dogs and Books

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Research Day

Going back to school does have its benefits… you can completely geek out and surround yourself with out of print books and arcane ideas all in the name of pursuing knowledge: Today, I’m writing a paper on Dura Europos and its overlooked place in the (I argue non-historical) Parting of the Ways model that describes early Christianity and Judaism. Fascinating. I’ll post it when it’s polished. Oh, and I’m going to be applying to PhD …

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Suggestive Church Sign

I’m in Atlanta today visiting with Anna’s brother and his new baby girl. I saw this church sign on the way to the hospital and couldn’t resist snapping a quick BlackBerry photo: “Give To the Lord Until It Feels Good” hmmm… Best Church Sign Ever on TwitPic

Leveraging Social Media Presentation Feedback

My presentation at Affiliate Summit East earlier this month in Boston had pretty good reviews. Thanks so much to Missy Ward, Shawn Collins and Amy Rodriguez! Here’s the presentation: Leveraging Social Media View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: ase08 affsum) And here are the reviews: Sunday – Leveraging Social Media Sam Harrelson, Publisher, CostPerNews Well done! Learned a great deal!!!!!! ———————————————————————————————————————- Sam provides great insight and experience on many social media options. ———————————————————————————————————————- …

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Real Time

I’ve been having conversations with folks about why (or Laconica, the mothership code base of which is the flagship derivation, but there are many possibilities available such as Leo Laporte’s TWiT Army) matters so much for the present and future and why Twitter has failed to keep the great commission by hampering its real time flow (made possible via XMPP) in hopes of monetizing it with partners such as Zappos. The question here …

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Bible 2.0

Twelve (?!?!) years ago in 1996, I bought the first edition of the Harper Collins Study Bible (NRSV of course) for a summer school session of Old Testament 101. Back then, I was a self-assured Chemistry / Computer Science freshman double major at Wofford College and decided to take summer school to get a couple of required classes “out of the way.” One of those classes was Prof John Bullard’s Old Testament class. Prof Bullard …

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Today is my last day of being a 20-something year old. It’s one of those big days that we in the cultures of the West like to put great emphasis upon. You spend your 20’s figuring out who you are, exploring ideas, being idealistic. Then, you transition into a real adult focused on career, family, mortgages, etc in your 30’s. I’m not sure if that’s supposed to happen in one day or over the course …

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Thanks, Jim

Jim Kukral rocks… Sam Harrelson turns 30 happy birthday Ukelele Hero

Cory Booker Keynote at Affiliate Summit

Newark mayor Cory Booker spoke at this month’s Affiliate Summit in Boston. I’ve heard too many political speeches in life, but this one is up there with Obama’s “Yes We Can” moment in Columbia, SC during the primaries. If you want to get a glimpse of a future president, go watch this video (and head over to the original Affiliate Summit blog post to thank Shawn and Missy for posting this up so quickly): …

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Evernote for Class Notes

So, I’m trying to get Evernote (one of my favorite web/mobile/desktop applications ever) to work with the notes I’m taking in classes. Why not just type in the notes? Good question. Basically, I like to hand write notes from classes and seminars. Something about muscle memory as well as respect to seminar participants (a lot of my classes are smaller, so having a laptop out is not necessarily disrespectful but I think it takes away …

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Harrison Bergeron

I had to read this story in the 9th grade and it was the first thing I ever read that had a lasting and deep impact. I hope the movie is a third as good as Vonnegut’s original story… YouTube – 2081: Everyone Will Finally Be Equal:

Market Leverage Interview from Affiliate Summit

The wonderful Debby from Market Leverage interviewed me in the Affiliate Summit East Bloghaus in Boston last week… Market Leverage Update » Blog Archive » Interviews from Affiliate Summit East in Boston!: “”

XMPP as the Marketer’s Golden Egg; Latency as Magic Beans

XMPP has had a meteoric rise in term of its profile and application over the last two years. Part of that is due to the rise of microblogging services such as Twitter or that leverage the XMPP platform to deliver real time updates to users. However, there has been a hiccup in Twitter’s usage of XMPP over the last few months and that hiccup has helped to give more exposure to XMPP instead of …

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Branding on Twitter Study

Jeremiah Owyang continues his insightful series on branding and Twitter with this piece about how brands are succeeding on the Twitter platform. If you’re at all interested in how microblogging will shape the future of direct performance marketing (it will) and corporate communications (it will), make sure to read this: Web Strategy: The Evolution of Brands on Twitter: “Last week, I listed out 9 reasons Why Brands Are Unsuccessful In Twitter, and other microblogging technologies. …

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Google Levels the Playing Field?

Robert Seidman guest-blogs on social media guru Louis Gray’s blog on the topic of how the Goog has made the playing field of web publishing much more accessible for anyone (rather than just an arena for A-Listers): Google Has Leveled the Internet Playing Field: ” I know a lot in the tech blogging circles will opine on whether Google is good or evil. For now in my mind, Google is still good. It leveled …

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GoFish for Big Revenue Jump

GoFish is an advertising agency aimed at the “tween” market and their associated parents. The company page explains: GoFish is a leading entertainment and media company with a focus on reaching kids, teens and moms. We specialize in aggregating, and distributing premium content on a large network of quality sites for which GoFish is the exclusive brand advertising monetization partner. We reach more than 20 million users domestically, and over 66 million worldwide, currently ranking …

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Attractive Microblogging for Marketers 301

During my presentation called “Leveraging Social Media” at Affiliate Summit East, I took up most of the allotted hour to discuss tools and strategies that affiliate marketers could use to help them both better monitor and better participate in the increasingly important social networks out there in the wild. This is an important issue because not only are these networks (in my presentation we touched on Twitter, Friendfeed, Seesmic and Facebook, but there are dozens …

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