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  1. You'll have a lot more fun as a Bodhisattva than a Christ 🙂 Don't take it too seriously. Have fun and happy birthday!

  2. I know this isn't much comfort coming from someone younger than you, but think of it this way:It's just a number. You'll be no different tomorrow than you are today. It's a milestone to be celebrated and look forward to. You don't lose that hope and idealism just because you're 30. That idealism IS tied into who you are… just make sure you don't forget that and you'll breeze past 30.

  3. i know for me that i spent all of 29 thinking about being 30. especially in the last days where you are now. being 29 was a lot more scary than being 30. i had more fun when i was 30. the feeling of dread was over and it was what it was. i found myself really enjoying myself with ppl i was around and my family. i was single then, i even had more dates in my 30th year than my 29th. that's good stuff! if anything, i became more of who i am in my 30's than in my 20's. i like your observations on Christ. the time we see Jesus as a young man He is in the Temple sitting with the elders. He's 12 and working on His “life-plan”. it worked out the way it was supposed to, didn't it? And what the heck, you're going to Vegas in September!!! Have a Happy Birthday Sam!

  4. Sam, don't let 30 get you down, just wait till 40, it really hit me. Know I would give anything to be 30 or 40 again. I hate to even say this, I can't believe time has passed so very fast. In November I will be the big “50”. I could be your mother. Sometimes I feel younger now than I did at 30, at 30 I had 3 small children and a job at a bank. I was always so very tired. Now I am a point in my life I can think about myself again and I am enjoying it very much. But to be 30, even 40 would be wonderful to me. You are not getting older you are getting “Better”! You never quit changing, I am proof of that. Embrace the moment and don't let numbers of years fog your mind. Sam you are an awesome Man and so many admire you. I am working (as I write this) on a blog post about you, and others that have made a difference in my life. That is what brought me to this site, I am going to mention in my blog your different sites. I admire you tremendously. Some of the most successful people didn't get recognized for their accomplishment until their later years. PS: Be thankful you aren't getting emails and mail from AARP like I am “Damn AARP”.

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