GoFish for Big Revenue Jump

GoFish is an advertising agency aimed at the “tween” market and their associated parents. The company page explains:

GoFish is a leading entertainment and media company with a focus on reaching kids, teens and moms. We specialize in aggregating, and distributing premium content on a large network of quality sites for which GoFish is the exclusive brand advertising monetization partner. We reach more than 20 million users domestically, and over 66 million worldwide, currently ranking as the third largest youth opportunity and a top five ‘mom’ opportunity for blue-chip advertisers.

PaidContent is reporting that the company had a very successful Q2 of 2008:

Revenues were $1.28 million, a huge jump over revenues of $31,686 in Q207.

That’s a big jump for a niche specific publisher network. So, if you’re a publisher or affiliate in these troublesome economic times, there is a market for you somewhere.