Sam Harrelson

Evernote for Class Notes

So, I’m trying to get Evernote (one of my favorite web/mobile/desktop applications ever) to work with the notes I’m taking in classes.

Why not just type in the notes?

Good question. Basically, I like to hand write notes from classes and seminars. Something about muscle memory as well as respect to seminar participants (a lot of my classes are smaller, so having a laptop out is not necessarily disrespectful but I think it takes away from the human element of a seminar).

So, I get something like this…

What I’m attempting to do is take a pic of the page with my BlackBerry Curve, then send that over to Evernote via email to take advantage of Evernote’s mostly awesome text recognition capabilities.

This would allow me to keep notes searchable by specific terms and topics. That, my dear readers, would be killer.

Alas, it’s not working (yet). I’ll keep toying with it to see what I can do.

And I’ll keep you posted.

Posted: 08.20.2008

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