Sam Harrelson

Autographed Copy of the Bible

Well there goes years of my life working on my thesis about the early years of the Jesus movement in the first century CE…

best of craigslist : Autographed copy of the Bible – $1,000,000,000 OBO: This book was entrusted to me by the Knights of Templar, they borrowed it from Our Savior sometime between 28 and 32 AD and forgot to give it back. It was one of those things where they said they’d return it in a week, but then they didn’t get around to reading it right away. And you know how you always feel bad returning a book you haven’t read, especially when the lender asks you what you thought of it. So in trying to avoid an awkward moment with the Alpha and Omega, they hung onto it until they had more time. Well that time turned into about 2000 years, and it got mixed in with some other books and made it into a yard sale box.

Back to the drawing board…

Posted: 09.02.2008

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